Wednesday, 22 June 2011

BSA Wayfarer turns Orange Guv'nor / Path Racer part 5

A quick flip around and...

I simple had to, and frame size for those that pm'd me on the forums is 23 inches from centre of crank to very top of seat post.

As for the ride as a Pashley Guv'nor clone...the same comfort but slightly more purposeful position. All good, will leave well alone and eBay after my holiday....unless someone has something of interest to swap?

Saturday, 18 June 2011

BSA Wayfarer turns Orange Guv'nor / Path Racer part 4

Ok, so its obviously changed but the orange project is finished. Maybe its my age but I think it worked best as a roadster. Either way its quite a simple operation to turn it into a path racer Guv'nor type clone.

The cash

£14.40 for the graphics and three spare copies should I want
£66 Brooks honey Saddle
£44 Brooks honey grip

Total spend £671.57 (red for pain/danger) and project finished. Bit more than I would have hoped but the cost was spread over a good year or so.

The Pictures

The BSA text looks a bit wonky in this photo, it isn't in real life and the image below, the bike is tilted slightly.

Urm, ding but no dong.

...ohh comfy!



Think she's come out nicely, I might play one day flip the bars and make it Guv'nor like, just for fun.

The Ride

How does she ride? Very well, nice and comfy with those big wheels and tyres. The frame is very solid and sure, saddle comfort is obvious with the Brooks number and the grips have a lovely feel to them. I'm sure when the leather has worn in this would be a bike for life type affair, I saw some old boy cycling a 1960's type BSA today in fact...BSA's, built to last and win wars!

The Sturmey Archer SC2 Duomatic hub is perfect for roadster cycling. From start to 12mph sort of speed in low and then kick back for a good 20+mph in high. Obviously the front brake is vital for emergency reaction type braking but using the rear is good too.

Thinking of selling her to be doubt be on eBay soon...or offers welcome. Eight bikes is a bit too much, it wouldn't get ridden, best it goes to a good home where it does.

What project will be next...maybe this one. Dawes Kingpin, much love!